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Plastic pallets by load

Light, medium, heavy

– your choice!

When selecting the right pallet, there is a third criterion to be considered along with the planned application and format: the load and/or load-bearing capacity. The pallet industry distinguishes between three different loads here: high rack, static and dynamic.

A dynamic load-bearing capacity is the maximum weight that the pallet can handle while being transported via pallet trucks, forklifts or other industrial trucks. This load, with just a few exceptions, is significantly lower than the static load.

A static load-bearing capacity doesn’t describe the load while moving, but rather it describes the maximum pallet load when it is sitting flat and unmoving on the ground.

A high rack load-bearing capacity describes the maximum possible load of the pallet in a high rack system. If the rack does not have a bottom panel, then the load rests solely on the two exterior runners.

We classify pallets in three sub-groups based on the load-bearing capacity in the rack: light, medium and heavy. This classification helps when selecting the pallet and makes your choice easier.






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