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FIDUS light pallets made from plastic

Ideal for use as

a display, single use

and air freight applications.

FIDUS pallets are robust load carriers that are available in various size formats. Pallets without runners, i.e. purely foot pallets, automatically belong to the light category. This category also includes pallets that we classify as unsuitable for high rack systems. Due to their light construction, representatives of FIDUS light pallets are ideal for air freight, single use and other applications where special consideration must be made to a lower self-weight.

FIDUS light 403

FIDUS light 806 4W

FIDUS light

FIDUS light

FIDUS light
806 9F

FIDUS light

FIDUS light

FIDUS ultralight 1208

FIDUS light

FIDUS light
1208 CD

FIDUS light

FIDUS light
1210 CD


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